Top 10 Best Slack Bots in 2020 That Will Make Your Life Easier!

Slack is a messaging app that evolved in 2012 out of Vancouver, Canada. Not many people know but Slack is actually an acronym, it stands for “Searchable Log Of All Communication and Knowledge”. It’s a great messaging app that you can use to get your entire team working on a particular project or a task, to exchange messages, share files, and collaborate!

best slack bots

The Slack ecosystem is quite interesting; and one of the smart bits is the way it supports many useful apps, bots and integrations to choose from. Here are our top 10 best Slackbots in 2020 that can make messaging on Slack more fun and productive!


  • Kyber
  • Wonder
  • Vacation Tracker
  • Polly
  • Disco
  • Tettra
  • Statsbot
  • FlexBot
  • Donut
  • BirthdayBot


best slack bots

First up, we’ve got Kyber. Kyber is an all-in-one set of productivity apps that can be used right away within Slack. The most important feature installed inside Kyber, and frankly, my favorite is the ability to monitor and manage tasks inside any Slack channel, and even entire projects. Without ever leaving Slack, you can convert a Slack message into an assignment, set a deadline, allocate it to a colleague, add comments or connect documents and files. Kyber also offers many great features such as a smart dashboard, scheduled announcement meetings and a few other integrations. If you’re looking to use Slack as a central hub for your team, then Kyber is probably the best solution to make sure you never leave the Slack ecosystem again.

best slack bots

Up next we got Wonder. Wonder is your best friend in recalling everything from the sales figures of your team this month to the office’s next social event. Wonder helps you and your team recall things that are constantly on the tip of your tongue, and it refers to these bits as memories. You can access these memories from your Wonder dashboard as well as enter new memories directly from the dashboard. I highly recommend checking out Wonder if you find yourself in these sticky situations and it’s just nice not to have your co-worker DM something you probably shouldn’t have forgotten, and maybe they’re too embarrassed to accept.

best slack bots

Vacation Tracker is a tool that delivers an effective leave management system from within Slack. It’s a strong but easy tool that helps handle an organization’s holidays, days off and leaves. As an interactive bot, the Vacation Tracker tool lives within Slack, but there’s also a dedicated web dashboard that you can access from your browser. One of the biggest reasons you’ll be pulling up the vacation tracker is to ask for some time off. Once you click on the “request leave” button, all the details and options you need to submit in your request will be provided to you.

best slack bots

Next up is Polly. Polly is a bot that can deliver polls and surveys to your team, provide time-saving templates, and also gives you data-driven insights into your poll or survey results. Now the reason why using Polly inside of Slack makes so much sense is because it empowers the users to integrate surveys and polls into their workflows giving you immediate answers and insights, thus encouraging a high response rate from your team or company. So, whether you are a business owner, Slack admin or a manager of your department team, I recommend trying out Polly because they give a free plan, and frankly, I think Polly is a perfect option and it’s better than sending direct messages to everyone in your company or using some boring website. The name of the game is to do more stuff in Slack and Polly does that very well.

best slack bots

Next up we’ve got Disco, formerly known as Growbot. Disco helps you admire your co-workers right inside the Slack ecosystem, where all the research and magic takes place. For a while now, I have been using Disco and it’s just a fun way to celebrate everyone on your team and in your company. Using Disco will raise team morale and even help you keep the best employees. Statistics show that 70% of workers do not feel respected at work and that 80% of employees say that if they are valued, they will work harder. So, whether you want to prove that you care, or just want to give someone credits, Disco is a great option for getting the party started and hopefully going on forever.


And then we got Tettra. Tettra is a simple but intelligent bot that will boost the knowledge management of your team and make it super easy to find information about the business inside Slack. Everyone in your team or in your Slack workplace can contribute to Tettra and it makes onboarding new hires less difficult. You can privately check for answers and if you find what you are searching for, just post it on a Slack channel or just keep it to yourself. Tettra lets the team recommend pages and updates to existing information that will remind you of feedback from others, even seeing how the pages are doing in Tettra. You will also be alerted if a page has not been changed in a while and if you edit a report, Tettra will automatically post those changes to Slack and have templates that will automatically fill in pages to save time. I recommend trying out Tettra if your team wants a boost to your mutual expertise, but if you’re reinventing wheels, well, I suppose it’s not for you.

best slack bots

Statsbot is useful for providing on-demand analytics alerts for specific metrics. Whether you’re using resources like Google Analytics, Mixpanel or New Relic, it’s worth getting Statsbot into your Slack ecosystem. Statsbot can track all the metrics from these devices, and share real-time feedback with you so that you don’t have to continue to open browser tabs and search your analytics software. You can make an infinite number of requests for results, reports, updates, and the app comes for free.


When you are not emotionally or physically healthy, then there is no way you can do the best you can. At the same time, maintaining healthy habits during a busy work week can be hard. FlexBot can send you reminders to perform breathing and mindfulness exercises depending on how you configure the plug-in. It can also remind you to stay hydrated and, once in a while, stand up and walk around to preserve your posture. FlexBot is also personal to you, so you can tailor it to your particular needs without upsetting other members of your team. If your goal is to stay in complete peace of mind even while working, I highly recommend checking out FlexBot for Slack.


Donut is created to encourage interaction and exchanges for the Slack community. What Donut does is pair two users together and invite them to interact. Just join the Donut channel and every couple of weeks you’ll be introduced to another person right in Slack. You can find time to grab a coffee, lunch, or even make a video call. If you are in different offices, you can set up Donut in minutes and start building more confidence and empathy in your organization.


Finally, there’s one more bot I would like to mention and that’s the BirthdayBot! It’s a bot that helps you remember and celebrate the birthdays of your teammates and colleagues and I highly recommend this bot to everyone on Slack.

I mean, who wouldn’t want to wish their teammates right?


I hope you had an awesome time checking out these unique, yet cool bots! Do go through our other posts and stay connected for future posts.

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Top 10 Best Slack Bots in 2020 That Will Make Your Life Easier!

Slack is a messaging app that evolved in 2012 out of Vancouver, Canada. Not many people know but Slack is actually an acronym, it stands for “Searchable Log Of All Communication and Knowledge”. It’s a great messaging app that you can use to get your entire team working on a

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