Securing your password and why you need a Password manager

Nobody likes passwords. They slow you down from doing things. It’s a burden to remember them. But securing your password is important never the less. And, they are everywhere that too for a very valid reason – authentication.

You need to be authenticated so many times in our daily life. Some of them are so obvious that you hardly even think about them. For example, when someone opens the door for you – they will allow you in only after an authentication, isn’t it?

On the Internet you go to so many places which require authentication. When you are checking our emails, you need a password to authenticate. When you login to your social media accounts you need a password.

So passwords are very important in our life. And we need to make sure we take care of our passwords. It should be long enough to be considered as a strong password. They should have some randomness so that people can’t guess them. And there are so many recommendations around a strong password.

This is where password managers come into picture. As a software developer, I have so many accounts in so many places. Plus, I manage certain accounts for my clients as well. Now, each of these account’s passwords needs to be managed.

Personally, I have been using Bitwarden as my default password manager. And, I strongly recommend you to use a password manager as well. The application is very easy to use. It has a web, mobile and desktop app. And, most important – a great and easy to use UI.

Talking about UI, if you build frontend UI and use React, checkout the new features which are available with React 18.

Password strengths and lifetime

silver skeleton key on black surface photo – Free Heidelberg Image on Unsplash

Most password managers will allow you to choose different password strengths. Most of them even allow you to set a life for the password. So, after a certain time, the manager will prompt you to change the password.

Be confident while you enter the passwords

There have been situations where I would need to help someone with something for which I might need to login to a client’s account. Now, the person standing next to me or with whom I have shared my screen may not have access to the account.

Almost as if you are asked to key in your ATM pin while the security camera is staring at you. With password managers, I have the liberty of logging in to the accounts in front of them without ever revealing the password. This can be such a huge advantage.

Your vault on the move

Like many popular ones, Bitwarden allows me to sync the passwords on the cloud. So, I can use it from any place without logging in to any account on a machine. It even has a mobile app, which makes life so much easier.
Understanding secrets is a blog post I have written on how to manage keys of our application. As a software developer, I review a lot of codes and different projects. During the code review, doing an analysis of the security best practices is very important. You will know about these things when you read this article.

Also, if you are interesting in project management, then you might be interested in knowing why we feel Kanban is a great way to empower custom.

Written by Amitav Roy, Edited by Thai

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