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With team augmentation, we can help you

Scale quickly

Storefronts with modern tools and accelerate development and be less platform dependant

Address a strategic need

Customer experiences and journeys on multiple channels with a unified backend

Control costs

Better shielded from attacks and improved access control due to decoupled architecture

Get specialised skills
Fast-loading pages to increase customer retention and conversions and SEO gains
Be nimble with right-sizing
Best UX experiences driven by business needs, unshackled from opinionated templates
Focus on your core business
Best-of-breed components and platforms to build solutions that meet specific business needs

Focalworks is here to help make your software development initiatives stronger and more effective.

Here are some of the core technologies that we actively work with.

Application development

JS, .Net, Java, NodeJS, Laravel, ReactJS, Angular JS, MySQL, PostGresQL, SQL Server, ElasticSearch, Apache Solr, Redis, Jenkins, Docker, GitLab CI/CD, AWS, Azure


React Native, Ionic, Flutter, iOS, Android

Website development

Drupal, WordPress, Strapi, Storyblok, NextJS


Magento, WooCommerce, Shopify

Software QA

Manual QA, Selenium, Gauge, Swagger, Postman

And if you need folks with others skills or specialisations, we’d be happy to explore and see how we can help.

Use and pay as per your need

With flexible and cost-effective team augmentation models.

Get started with maximum flexibility.

Best when:

Specialised skills are required intermittently

Deliverables are typically small or occasional

Resource utilisation is relatively low and unpredictable

Available for 40 to 160 hours per month.

Best when:

The need is expected to be medium to long-term

Deliverables are expected to be ongoing

Resource utilisation is relatively predictable and a steady velocity can be planned

Scale and grow your own team, as per your need.

Best when:

The project size is medium to large

There’s a strong motivation to build a strategic development alliance

Deep project knowledge and a commitment to continuity and collaboration among the members of the team are most important

Why Choose Focalworks?

At Focalworks, we believe in building long-term relationships through solid engineering practices and building lasting equity of trust with our client partners. Over the past 16 years, global organisations, from startups to MNCs, have relied on our unwavering commitment to excellence and technical expertise to build fantastic solutions.

At Focalworks, we can help with a wide range of skills and experience:

Efficiency, expertise, and excellence - with Focalworks.

Our Process

Navigating the path to hiring a developer is simplified at Focalworks. We appreciate the urgency of your project, and we’ve streamlined our process with your convenience in mind. Here’s how we make it easy for you:


We begin with a consultation to understand your specific requirements, objectives, and timeline. This initial step is crucial for us to find the perfect fit for your project.

Candidate Selection

Our rigorous selection process ensures that we present you with only the most qualified and experienced developers. We scrutinise their technical expertise and their commitment to client success.


Based on our evaluation and your project’s needs, we provide you with a shortlist of developers who we ascertain to be the best suited for your goals.

Client Choice

You have the final say in selecting the developer who aligns perfectly with your vision and vibe. Your satisfaction is our top priority.

Seamless Onboarding

Once you’ve made your choice, we facilitate a smooth onboarding process so you can swiftly integrate your new developer into your team.

Ongoing Support

We stay by your side throughout the project, offering ongoing support to ensure that your e-commerce endeavour is a resounding success.

Our process is designed to minimise your effort and ensure a successful outcome for you so you can focus on what matters most – your business's growth.

In addition to our developer hiring services, we also offer dedicated teams on retainer. We understand your specific needs and build out an entire team just for you. As your requirements grow and change in the future, we work with you to make sure that the team is always right-sized and right-skilled to meet your changing needs.

If you're looking for ongoing support and a team of experts at your disposal, look no further. Get started now

For those seeking focused project-based engagements or turnkey solutions, we also offer specialised engagement options. 

Our processes, collaboration tools, experience with multi-geography and cross-functional teams, and a true spirit of cooperation ensure that we are a long-term technology partner that you can rely on.

To learn more about our project-based engagement approach, please visit our development service page.


We build lasting relationships.

At Focalworks, we don’t just develop software. We work closely with you to understand your business needs and goals, and we’re always here to offer our services and support whenever you need it.

And our clients trust us with doing a great job for them.
Saif Ahmad
Saif Ahmad
Chief Technology Officer
Quara Holding

Our team has been working with Focalworks for more than 2 years.

Focalworks has been our key offshore development partner and has consistently provided us with skilled professionals.

Even in crunch situations, they have helped us scale our teams and augment them with key resources. Their professionalism, turn-around time, and cooperation are commendable.

The Focalworks team is a great partner and has my highest recommendation.
Abhijit Joshi
Abhijit Joshi
Head – Global Solutions Hub
Our association with Focalworks is more than 10 years old now and the relationship has evolved from being a client-agency relationship to a partnership.

Focalworks team brings in all aspects that one would desire in a trusted agency partner – innovation, creative flair, robust project management, huge commitment to meeting agreed timelines and delivery quality.

I am sure they will keep delivering more and more innovative solutions and services to their clients in the coming years. We wish them all the luck.
Sangram Sengupta
Sangram Sengupta
Founding Partner
M&C Saatchi Singapore
M&C Saatchi has been working with Focalworks for close to 7 years now. During this time, they have helped us with several complex website builds, app development and digital/social media campaign materials.

They are always on the ball, highly dedicated bunch of individuals with great talent and problem solving skills. They have consistently added value and come to us with ingenious solutions that have helped us grow our business.

Once they have undertaken a project, we always rest assured that a high quality product will be delivered on time.

It has been a pleasure working with them and I simply cannot recommend them highly enough.
Sanjayan Nair
Sanjayan Nair
Chief Executive Officer
Ambab Infotech Pvt Ltd.

We have been ecosystem partners with Focalworks since 2020 and have received outstanding technology delivered whenever we have outsourced our e-commerce projects to them.

They have delivered seamlessly with good quality practice and ensure customer success.

We continue to associate closely across tech stacks for mutual synergy.

Kenneth Tan
Kenneth Tan
Corporate director of technology
Nexus Global
It has been over a decade of working with Focalworks.

I have been very pleased with the talent and resources they have been able to provide to my projects. The leadership at Focalworks is quick to respond; eager to understand the projects and challenges; lend their expertise to the process.

I have engaged Focalworks with projects that include Application Development, Automated Testing, and eLearning. In the words of Henry Ford, “Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success.”

Focalworks is truly a development partner and together we have successfully delivered multiple projects.
Dr. Scott Bublitz, PhD.
Dr. Scott Bublitz, PhD.
Exam Design Inc.
I have worked with Focalworks for over 10 years and I can't say enough about this group. A large part of the success of my last two companies can be attributed to Focalworks.

I found their development team to be very knowledgeable, not only in software development but also deployment and infrastructure technologies. Within 5 years of the company's inception, I was able to sell the platform to the world's largest testing company who still uses it to manage the test content for the largest certification programs in the world. During the acquisition process, Focalworks was highlighted as one of the key contributors to the software's success.

After the success I've had with Focalworks, it's doubtful that I'll ever use another software team.
Bruce Haghighat
Bruce Haghighat
Octane Learning
Our team has been working with Focalworks for over a decade after an exhaustive search looking for an offshore partner.

Focalworks was able to staff our projects with qualified professionals and has provided a steady team since. On many occasions when the project need required additional resources, they were able to shift in additional capabilities to complete the tasks on hand. Their level of expertise, responsiveness and professionalism is unsurpassed.

They are always flexible and go beyond the call of duty. I highly recommend the Focalworks team.
Malinda Sanna
Malinda Sanna
Founder & CEO

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Focalworks for over two years, and it’s no exaggeration to say that their work has propelled our business forward.

Strengths lay in excellent development work, design and a problem-solving mentality that is invaluable for a business that is creating something new.

Whatever you dream, Focalworks will find a way to make it happen!

Jonathan Davis
Jonathan Davis
Trualta Care Network
As a non-technical founder, Focalworks has been a great partner.

I consider the Focalworks team to be an extension of our team, and their end-to-end capabilities enable them to handle any design or technology request that arises.

We rely on them to deliver excellent work on tight timelines, and they frequently surpass expectations!
Adam Greene
Adam Greene
Peloton Document Solutions
Focal works has been much more than an offshore development vendor for Peloton. They have been a true partner in every sense of the word, completely exceeding my expectations.

Focalworks fills the standard development and QA roles for us, but they also add value in many unexpected ways such as providing feedback on our Agile processes and recommendations on how to improve them, providing architecture guidance and proactively looking for ways to improve our automated testing coverage. I can’t speak highly enough about the entire team and recommend them to anyone looking for a rock-solid and professional offshore team.

Choosing to work with Focalworks will be one of the best decisions you ever make, especially if you treat them as a partner instead of just as a pool of resources.
Nihir Sheth
Nihir Sheth

Focalworks has been instrumental in facilitating the growth of SplitSecondPix from its inception as a startup to an established entity in its industry.

Our transition from Opencart as an e-commerce platform for the digital delivery of media to a custom solution developed by Focalworks in 2017 has significantly enhanced the user experience for our customers, offering a clean user interface and a robust architecture.

The team's expertise and innovative approach to our needs have been invaluable in supporting our expanding IT requirements.

Fuel your growth with agility and diverse skills

Focalworks’ team augmentation stands out through tailored solutions that seamlessly integrate with your projects, ensuring optimal scalability and efficiency.

Is the lack of an optimal team hindering your growth?
We can help.


The onboarding process involves seamless integration with your existing team. We provide comprehensive onboarding sessions, access to project documentation, and introductions to key team members, ensuring a quick and efficient start for augmented resources.

We prioritise creating a collaborative and inclusive work environment, even in remote team setups. Regular team-building activities, virtual meetings, and open communication channels contribute to a positive and cohesive team dynamic.

Focalworks invests in continuous training and support for augmented team members. This ensures that they stay updated with the latest technologies and methodologies, contributing effectively to your projects from day one.

Focalworks maintains transparency in pricing, providing a clear breakdown of costs associated with team augmentation. We believe in open communication to ensure that our clients have a comprehensive understanding of the financial aspects of their projects.

Certainly. Focalworks caters to short-term project requirements by providing skilled professionals for the duration of your project. This flexibility allows you to efficiently manage resources for specific needs without long-term commitments.

Focalworks maintains a stringent quality assurance process, including code reviews, testing methodologies, and adherence to industry standards. Our commitment to delivering high-quality results ensures that your projects meet or exceed expectations.

Focalworks takes data security seriously. We implement robust security measures to protect client data and project information. Our adherence to industry best practices ensures confidentiality, integrity, and availability throughout the team augmentation process.

Our team augmentation services are designed to be scalable. Whether you need to expand or reduce your team size based on project demands, we provide the flexibility to adapt quickly. This ensures that your company can respond effectively to changing market dynamics.

Focalworks has successfully served a diverse range of industries, including e-commerce, technology, finance, healthcare, and more. Our adaptable approach to team augmentation caters to the unique demands of each sector, ensuring successful project outcomes.

We prioritise effective communication and integration. Our teams are accustomed to collaborating remotely, using industry-standard tools. We also encourage regular communication channels, ensuring that augmented team members seamlessly integrate with your existing workforce.

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