Cloud4C is a global cloud managed services provider offering end-to-end cloud solutions and services to enterprises, enabling them to optimise their IT infrastructure and enhance business agility.

Cloud4C excels in overseeing vital workloads for major enterprises with strict compliance needs. They have an extensive 150+ page website, complemented by 9 regional sites in a multisite configuration, which integrates seamlessly for targeted regional marketing initiatives.

One of the challenges for their marketing team was the exhaustive list of complex infographic images which was losing out on the SEO front. The fresh development ensured that each infographic was converted into HTML and saw improvements in the rankings.

Due to content-heavy pages, the page loading speeds were always below the norms. With rounds of optimisation for GTmetrix and Page Speed Insights we were able to get the site up to at least a 95+ score per page and on some also achieved a 100 score.

Through ongoing maintenance, we are able to ensure that the site is always performing on Core Web Vitals.



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