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Coinsuma is a crypto currency tracking and market intelligence platform

Aikidosoft, a US-based fintech startup, wanted to build a new platform that would address the shortcomings of existing portfolio management tools in the crypto-currency space, and help provide the power of analytics and trading strategies to the retail investor.

Since the early ideation phase of the platform, we have been an exclusive technology partner for Aikodsoft, in developing a platform that is fast, reliable, and easy to use.

Solution Highlights
  • Support to connect with leading cryptocurrency exchanges and collate pricing and trade data
  • Tracking and notifications triggered based on price movements across exchanges
  • Ability to trigger automated trades, with auto replenishments
The Stack
  • Asp.net Core, C#, Dot.Net Core 2.0, Node.js, Autofac
  • PostgreSQL, Dapper, Redis, Serilog
  • NATS Streaming Server
  • React.js, WireMock, bootstrap
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