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Covestro, a leading global polymer company, prioritises sustainability to positively impact lives across social, environmental, and economic domains


Focalworks was tasked with building an online solution through which Covestro wanted to create a marketplace where Farmers could sell and buy their produce with utmost transparency. Covestro can also help the farmers with solutions around Food Security, Faecal Sludge Management, Sanitation and Water, etc.

Our Solution

Covestro is a marketplace empowering farmers to buy and sell their produce with unparalleled transparency. Built with Ionic, Covestro offers a seamless experience with the same codebase accessible on both web and mobile applications.

Behind Covestro’s dynamic content lies a robust headless CMS, Strapi, ensuring that information is always up-to-date, delivering real-time market data to farmers at their fingertips.

Our dedication to providing a top-tier user experience extends to our deployment strategy. Covestro is hosted entirely on AWS using CloudFormation, ensuring scalability, reliability, and security. With Covestro, we’re transforming the agricultural landscape, fostering trust and efficiency in the farming community.


    • Marketplace for Farmers to Buy and Sell
    • Ability to promote solutions through the Marketplace
    • Single codebase for Mobile and Web app
    • Complete deployment of infrastructure using CloudFormation with the ability to scale
    • Efficiently manage user, content and manage community


Under the Hood

Ionic for unified codebase

Single codebase for Mobile app and web application. This ensured rapid deployment, cross-skill development and ease of code maintenance. 

Infrastructure as code 

Implemented complete automated infrastructure creation and deployment using AWS CloudFormation to ensure zero human intervention in terms of infrastructure creation, updation and deployment of the application. A complete serverless deployment architecture to address scalability and availability.

Headless CMS 

Implemented Strapi CMS which allows content creators to publish content for both mobile and desktop in multiple languages. 

Ionic Framework for Cross-Platform Development

Utilising the Ionic framework to streamline development, enabling a unified codebase that seamlessly caters to both mobile and web platforms.

Strapi CMS for Multilingual Content Management

Implementing Strapi CMS to efficiently manage content across diverse touchpoints, supporting content delivery in seven different languages to enhance user accessibility.

CloudFormation for Automated Infrastructure Deployment

Employing CloudFormation to automate the deployment of a robust and scalable infrastructure. This approach adopts a serverless architecture, enhancing efficiency and minimising manual intervention in the deployment process.


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