Dayre is a subscription-based online journal and community tailored for women, providing a safe space for authentic sharing and supportive connections on topics from beauty to motherhood and career

A unique platform that serves as a safe online space for women to share their thoughts and stories and is built on a contemporary paradigm to strike a balance between editorially driven articles as well as user-generated stories and reactions.

To create an inclusive space for women to define their lives on their terms. The app is designed for writers to share their experiences and safely share with their close groups.

The client was looking for a fast-paced development of Mobile apps. React Native was chosen because of code reusability along with a Micro-service architecture for API development using PHP, NodeJs and .NET used by different teams for different requirements of the application.

Under the hood

  • Microservices-based architecture for API development
  • The backend was developed using multiple technologies like API using Laravel, Search, and NLP using Nodejs
  • React Native-based Android and iOS app
  • Web application using React on top of Next JS
  • Queues and Caching using Redis
  • Elastic search for full-text search capabilities
  • Engagement of over 6 years
  • High-performant backend infrastructure, with a microservices-based architecture and decoupled mobile and web front ends
  • Support for multiple content types – audio, video, text, and stickers
  • Subscription system development using Adyen Payment Gateway, Apple subscriptions, and Google Subscription
  • Automatic NLP-based moderation
  • Comprehensive behaviour tracking and engagement metrics
  • Email automation to connect with trialists on specific touch points to increase conversion rates and increase CLV
  • Referral system to allow influencers to bring more users and gain benefits from the system



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