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A globally acclaimed exam management platform for specialized SMEs, facilitating remote collaboration, creation of legally defensible high-stakes certification exams

The founder of ExamDesign Inc., a self-funded US-based startup, was looking for a technology partner to turn an innovative business idea into a cutting-edge product to be used for authoring certification exams.

We created a greenfield application with rapid iteration to MVP that the founder could onboard clients and set up a revenue stream with. As a start-up, we supported rapid turnaround on client-requested features and customisations, ensuring development was always supporting further revenue generation and growth in the user base.

ExamDeveloper has received a high degree of industry attention in all events and forums, leading to eventual product acquisition by Pearson VUE. Pearson VUE elected to retain us as the sole technical partner post-acquisition.

Solution Highlights
  • Architect and implement a lean, agile build-up to a very successful MVP
  • Scale to an enterprise-grade SAAS that sets industry standards in the High Stakes exam authoring space, used by a majority of the medical boards in the US, and other leading certification bodies globally
  • Support for industry best practices including JTA, customisable reviews and QTI
  • Deploy, manage production systems and support a multi-tenant product, with client-specific customisations and custom licensing for client-hosted and cloud-hosted instances
  • Provided technical consulting and support for the acquisition of ExamDesign by Pearson VUE
  • Continuing product development and support, post-product acquisition by Pearson VUE and helped transition architecture from monolith to microservices, which kept a monthly release cadence
The Stack
  • ASP.Net MVC, Angular, Canvas/SVG, MathType (for Equations on the Web)
  • ASP.Net, .Net Windows Services, Hangfire (Job Queue)
  • SQL Server 2005-2016, SQL Server Reporting Services, RabbitMQ, ElasticSearch
  • Selenium, Gauge for BDD End-to-End Testing
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