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Focalworks was tasked with building a comprehensive learning platform capable of delivering highly impactful and engaging learning programs created for small businesses and microentrepreneurs at scale.

Key Considerations
  • A rich learning experience that is delivered glitch-free on affordable smartphones, in remote areas, and multiple local languages.
  • The user engagement with the platform should be high and continuous.
  • The platform should build detailed user profiles and provide detailed analytics to help provide deep insights into user behaviour.
  • The ability to enrol at scale, with a user-friendly onboarding experience for people who might be technologically challenged.
Our Solution

The project showcases the successful implementation of cutting-edge technologies to create an interactive, gamified, and community-driven learning platform.

By focusing on personalised learning experiences and engaging content, the platform has successfully fostered a dynamic and motivating environment for users. Integrating gamification, advanced notifications, and the customisable rule engine has increased user engagement and knowledge retention.

Moreover, the comprehensive administrative interface empowers administrators to track user progress, analyse platform performance, and make data-driven decisions to enhance the learning experience continually. The project sets a benchmark in the e-learning industry by combining technology, gamification, and interactive content to create a holistic and rewarding educational journey for its users.




Ease of onboarding

  • Password-less login
  • Ability to register and resume sessions from multiple devices with separate phone numbers
  • Reminder for users to complete their onboarding in case of abandoned registrations
  • Ability to bulk-enroll users with prepopulated registration data to further ease the onboarding process
  • Customisable preference profiler to launch a personalised learning journey

Ease of interaction and interest generation

  • Personalised content recommendations
  • Content delivered in the preferred language
  • Practical Financial and Productivity Tools
  • Time-boxed challenges

Motivation for ongoing engagement and gratification

  • Sophisticated and customisable gamification with points, badges and leaderboard
  • Tightly integrated community and social engagement within the platform
  • Advanced notification and reminder system to bring users back to the platform
  • Carefully crafted incentive scheme to encourage learners to engage with the platform regularly

Overcoming specific challenges: localisation, network, platform

  • Designed to deliver content seamlessly on affordable smartphones, using very low bandwidth
  • Capable of working offline with synching of learner progress and interaction data on network availability
  • Content made available in local languages making it accessible to thousands in India

Gathering a deep understanding of user behaviour 

  • Comprehensive collection and analysis profiling data points
  • Tracking of detailed user interaction and progress data
  • Insights on content quality and delivery efficacy
  • KPI dashboards for program success monitoring


Key Features


Gamification with Configurable Deep Rules

Learning should be an enjoyable journey, and this gamification feature transforms the content delivery experience into an exciting adventure. Configurable deep rules allow creators to design captivating challenges, quizzes, and rewards that align with learning objectives. As users progress, they earn points, and badges, and unlock new levels, fostering a sense of accomplishment and driving sustained engagement.

Leaderboard Integration

Harnessing the power of healthy competition, our leaderboard feature showcases the top-performing users, creating a sense of friendly rivalry and motivation. Users can see how they fare against their peers, inspiring them to engage more deeply with the content. Leaderboards incentivise active participation and continuous improvement, enhancing the overall learning experience.

Effortless Content Package Creation

The platform supports HTML-based learning content and an advanced content delivery system that streamlines content creation, enabling authors and developers to effortlessly assemble comprehensive content packages. The intuitive interface facilitates the inclusion of various media types, interactive elements, and assessments, resulting in engaging and immersive learning experiences.

Seamless Offline and Online Consumption

Users can access content packages via our mobile app, irrespective of their internet connectivity. This dynamic app allows users to seamlessly switch between online and offline modes, ensuring uninterrupted learning experiences even in remote or low-connectivity environments.

Interactive Learning Content 

The platform offers a wide range of interactive learning materials, including multimedia presentations, quizzes, and simulations, fostering active engagement and knowledge retention among users.

Personalised Learning Pathways

Our content delivery system adapts to individual user preferences and performance, offering personalised learning pathways. As users engage with the content, the system intelligently recommends additional resources, modules, or challenges that align with their interests and knowledge gaps. This tailored approach ensures that users remain engaged and motivated throughout their learning journey.

Advanced User Behavior Tracking

Our system goes beyond traditional tracking methods by incorporating a SCOM-like feature for comprehensive user behaviour analysis. Through detailed event tracking, we gain deep insights into user interactions, preferences, and engagement patterns, enabling precise content optimisation and personalisation.

In-Depth KPI-Driven Reports

The heart of our solution lies in its powerful reporting capabilities. Business users gain access to a suite of KPI-driven reports that offer unparalleled visibility into user interactions. The reports provide actionable insights, including:

  • User Interaction Metrics: Precise user counts detailing engagement rates and active user trends.
  • Progress Monitoring: Real-time tracking of user progress through content pieces, allowing fine-tuning of content sequencing.
  • Completion Percentage: Accurate insights into how many users complete content packages.
  • Content Performance: Comprehensive analysis of content effectiveness, helping creators refine their materials.


Community Module

The platform incorporates a community module, encouraging user interactions, knowledge-sharing, and collaborative learning through discussion forums and peer-to-peer support.

Whatsapp-Style Comment Posting

Users can interact with the platform and each other using various formats like video, audio, and text-based comments, enhancing communication and promoting active participation.

Rewards Redemption

Users earn gamification points by completing learning tasks and can redeem these points for rewards, creating a motivating and rewarding learning experience.

Advanced Notification System

The platform implements a sophisticated notification system that leverages multiple mediums, such as email, SMS, Whatsapp, and mobile notifications, to inform users about new content, updates, and achievements.

Admin Level User Progress Report 

Administrators have access to comprehensive user progress reports, enabling them to monitor individual performance, identify areas of improvement, and provide personalised support.

Tenant and User Progress Monitoring

The administrative interface allows monitoring the progress of different tenants and their onboarded users, providing valuable insights into the overall success and engagement of the platform.

Advanced Profiling System

The platform uses an innovative profiling system that collects information from users at different intervals, gradually completing their profiles without overwhelming them with one-time data input.

Under The Hood
  • NestJs (Nodejs framework), TypeORM
  • Ionic (with ReactJs) for Android, iOS apps and web frontend
  • MySQL, Firebase, Redis
  • Event-driven architecture for a highly decoupled and scalable solution
  • Customisable rule engine built using a state machine for gamification
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