A global nonprofit organisation committed to creating a financially inclusive world.

Focalworks was tasked with building a comprehensive learning platform capable of delivering highly impactful and engaging learning programs created for small businesses and microentrepreneurs at scale.

Our Solution

The project showcases the successful implementation of cutting-edge technologies to create an interactive, gamified, and community-driven learning platform.

By focusing on personalised learning experiences and engaging content, the platform has successfully fostered a dynamic and motivating environment for users. Integrating gamification, advanced notifications, and the customisable rule engine has increased user engagement and knowledge retention.

Moreover, the comprehensive administrative interface empowers administrators to track user progress, analyse platform performance, and make data-driven decisions to enhance the learning experience continually. The project sets a benchmark in the e-learning industry by combining technology, gamification, and interactive content to create a holistic and rewarding educational journey for its users.



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