Outabox Solutions offers cloud-based advertisement signage, integrated gaming signage, and custom applications for managing in-house promotions at venues.

Outabox Solutions, based out of Melbourne, Australia, is on a mission to change the way the gaming and hospitality industry manages their digital media assets.

As their technology partner, we built an enterprise SAAS / self-hosted solution, with a rich set of features that allow casinos and other businesses to manage and automate their on-floor campaigns and digital media.

Under the hood

  • C#, Asp.net MVC, Node.js
  • PostgreSQL, Entity Framework
  • FFMpeg, FluentFTP
  • SOA – Topshelf, Dapper, Hangfire
  • Raspberry Pi (for IoT)
  • Fully configurable hierarchical mapping of available media assets to locations, zones, and channels, etc.
  • Automatic tracking of media availability, and management, scheduling, and automation of media and media clusters
  • Deliver content to IoT-enabled media devices
  • Flexible n-tier responsibility distribution with ability to work in hybrid online/offline modes, to address any infrastructure limitations, client preferences around security, and internet connectivity



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