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SmartList streamlines recruitment by offering a swift, quality-focused solution for creating, sending, and analysing pre-recruitment assessments

The client is a startup with deep experience in the training and consulting domain. They built and managed a large training & consulting agency that was later acquired by a large global player in the same domain. They wanted to address the gaps in the way companies hire folks and offer a smart way, at scale, of assessing candidate skills and fit as per the job requirements.

Focalworks was tasked with building a SaaS platform that can help with administering skill assessments to help companies scale and accelerate their hiring process.

Solution Highlights

  • Development and implementation of a powerful Assessment Builder, enabling efficient creation of diverse assessments.
  • Integration of an extensive Assessment Library, leveraging content from the SmartList Library for varied question options.
  • Seamless inclusion of video response questions, offering flexibility and unrestricted usage within the assessment framework.
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