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SplitSecondPix is a dynamic sports photography service with 15+ years of combined experience, capturing and cataloguing memorable moments at sporting events


Focalworks was tasked to reduce the time to go live. The platform should be able to use modern technology to reduce the time and cost of some of the manual work like tagging of images, and image optimisation. And, the platform should be ready to innovate and easily add more product types to meet the highly competitive market.

Our Solution

Revolutionising the client’s e-commerce experience, our solution centred around a bespoke platform crafted with Laravel, meticulously tailored to fit seamlessly into their workflow. Optimised for peak performance, the smaller footprint proved instrumental, especially during traffic surges following marketing SMS blasts to participants.

In tackling the challenge of handling numerous photographers capturing multitudes of images, our innovative approach leveraged S3 bucket policies and AWS Lambda functions, resulting in a remarkable 10x reduction in the time required for image resizing and uploading to the cloud.

Efficiently tagging images to individual runners was a time-consuming task, but our solution harnessed the power of Amazon Image recognition and AI tools. This streamlined the process, enabling bulk tagging with over 80% accuracy, significantly diminishing manual efforts and expediting the timeline for showcasing live photographs. Focalworks Solutions brings unparalleled efficiency to every aspect of the client’s photography workflow.


    • Ease of image tagging using AI and Image recognition tools
    • Utilising the power of AWS Cloud tools and serverless functions for image optimisation
    • Integrate with social media channels like Facebook and WhatsApp for participants to discover and purchase their images
    • Ability to integrate the website as part of their partner’s website
    • Ability to incorporate Image collage, video stitching and other functionalities to innovate on their offerings and stay ahead of the competition


Key Features

Elevating Image Discovery with Smart Face Profiles
Developed a transformative feature where images are uploaded to an S3 bucket. Then our advanced system (using AWS Image recognition and Lambda functions) creates intelligent face profiles by scanning individual images, even those with multiple people. This strategic development not only significantly reduced the client’s image tagging time but also elevated the participant search experience. Now, participants can effortlessly upload their profile pictures, eliminating the need to remember BIB numbers.

Offline tool to handle orders
This feature selectively uploads high-resolution images exclusively for participants who’ve placed an order. The microservice, keenly monitoring new orders, dynamically fetches high-quality images from the server, uploads them to S3, and efficiently processes orders. This not only ensures top-notch image quality for valued participants but also slashes the client’s storage costs significantly.

Dynamic photo frames and image resizing using serverless technology
A runner can purchase the same image in multiple formats. During peak order periods, where demand skyrocketed, we strategically harnessed the prowess of AWS Lambda functions. This innovative approach enabled us to seamlessly run jobs in parallel during surges, resulting in a substantial improvement in order fulfilment times. Witness the future of dynamic photo frames and efficient image resizing—crafted exclusively by Focalworks for an unparalleled client experience.


Under the Hood
  • Laravel PHP
  • MySQL
  • Nodejs
  • AWS Lambda, S3, Image Recognition


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