Case Studies

On average, a site using PWA can improve speed performance by 63% compared to its previous mobile site.

– “PWAs for enterprise businesses: 11 most asked questions” article successfully cut down its loading time from 6s to 1.5s (300%).

– “Every PWA Statistics for Better eCommerce Insights in 2022” article

BookMyShow’s PWA is 54x more lightweight than their Android app & 180x more lightweight than their iOS app. They noticed an 80+ % boost in their conversion rates after implementing PWA

– “22 companies that developed PWA and how you can benefit from it” article

For Garten-und-Freizeit, a high-end seller of furniture and garden equipment in Germany, after installing PWA, the average time users spend on site increases by 119%, while the average duration spent reading a page increases by 68.8%.

– “Every PWA Statistics for Better eCommerce Insights in 2022” article

Flipkart’s mobile site is 100x smaller than their Android app and 300x smaller than its IOS counterparts. Their frequent customers need only 10kb to load the site.

– “Flipkart Customers Flock Back Onto PWA” article

Are you looking for a way to engage your audience that goes beyond a typical website?

Perhaps what you need is a Progressive Web App (PWA)!

Progressive Web Apps are cost-effective and easy to maintain. They require no app store submission or downloads, which means that you can get your web app in the hands of your users quickly and easily.

Why are PWAs the Smart Choice

Choosing a Progressive Web App (PWA) for your business has many benefits, making it an excellent choice for modern web application development. Here are some compelling reasons why a PWA may be the perfect fit for your needs:

Enhanced User Experience

PWAs are designed to provide a seamless and engaging user experience, similar to native mobile applications. With features like offline access, smooth animations, and instant loading times, users can enjoy a delightful experience, increasing user satisfaction and retention.

Cross-Platform Compatibility

One of the main advantages of PWAs is their ability to function across different platforms and devices. Whether your users are on a desktop, tablet, or mobile device, they can easily access your PWA, eliminating the need to develop separate apps for various platforms.

Fast Loading Speeds

PWAs utilise modern web technologies like service workers and caching, enabling them to load instantly, even in low or unstable network conditions. This speed boost reduces bounce rates and ensures users stay engaged with your application.

Discoverability and SEO

PWAs are web-based, which means they are easily discoverable by search engines. This inherent SEO advantage can improve your online visibility and drive organic traffic to your application.

Cost-Effective Development

Developing a Progressive Web App can be more cost-effective than native mobile app development. Instead of developing separate applications for each platform, a single PWA can cater to all devices, significantly reducing development and maintenance costs.

No Installation Hassle

Unlike native apps, PWAs do not require installation from app stores, saving users from the hassle of downloading and installing. Users can access the app via a URL, making engaging with your content more convenient.

Secure and Reliable

PWAs are served over HTTPS, ensuring that data transmitted between the user's device and the server is encrypted and secure. Additionally, service workers enable PWAs to function offline or in unstable network conditions, providing a reliable user experience.

With Focalworks as your trusted partner for developing Progressive Web Apps, You can leverage seamless cross-platform solutions, lightning-fast loading speeds, and engaging user experiences to set you apart.

Anywhere, anytime

At Focalworks, we can help you build PWAs that will enable your business to engage your users at their convenience, on any device, whether they’re on a desktop or mobile device.

Our team of skilled developers crafts PWAs that offer cross-platform compatibility, lightning-fast performance, and offline functionality. We bring your vision to life, helping you captivate customers, streamline operations, and drive results.

We can help you engage your audience in a whole new way.

With a proven track record of success across various industries, we’ve helped businesses like yours increase user engagement, improve conversions, and enhance customer satisfaction.

What you get:

A customised Progressive Web App that reflects your unique brand and personality. 

Cutting-edge technology and innovative design.

Seamless integration with third-party systems like social media platforms and payment gateways.

An outstanding user experience that keeps your users engaged..

Ongoing maintenance and support to ensure your web app runs smoothly.

Build Future-Ready Web Solutions with our Progressive Web App Development Services

Custom PWA Development

At Focalworks, we excel in crafting tailor-made Progressive Web Apps that align with your unique business needs. Our experienced team of developers ensures that your PWA delivers a seamless and engaging user experience across all platforms.

Progressive Web Design Services

Our skilled designers specialise in creating intuitive and visually appealing Progressive Web App designs. We focus on user-centric design principles to enhance usability and drive user engagement.

Responsive PWA Services

Your PWA will work flawlessly across different devices and screen sizes. With our responsive PWA services, your users will have a consistent and delightful experience on desktops, tablets, and smartphones.

Application Migration to PWA

Looking to transform your existing application into a Progressive Web App? Our experts are well-versed in seamless application migration to PWAs, ensuring a smooth transition and improved performance.

PWA Testing

Quality is our priority. We conduct rigorous testing to ensure your PWA is bug-free, performs optimally, and provides a flawless user experience. Our testing processes cover all aspects of PWA functionality and compatibility.

PWA Support & Maintenance

Our commitment to your success doesn't end with the launch. We provide ongoing support and maintenance services to keep your PWA up-to-date, secure, and running smoothly.

PWA Consulting Services

Need help proceeding with your PWA project? Our seasoned consultants will provide expert guidance and valuable insights to help you make informed decisions for your PWA development journey.

Hire PWA Developers

Harness the expertise of our skilled PWA developers. Whether you need a dedicated team or individual developers, we offer flexible hiring options to suit your project requirements.

UX/UI Optimisation

Delivering an exceptional user experience is at the heart of our services. Our UX/UI optimisation ensures that your PWA is intuitive, engaging, and user-friendly, leaving a lasting impression on your audience.

Focalworks is a reliable Progressive Web App development company, dedicated to delivering unmatched solutions. Partner with us to elevate your online presence with our cutting-edge PWA development services.

Ready to revolutionise your digital presence?

Benefits of Progressive Web App

Reduce development & maintenance costs by leveraging a single code base, streamlining updates & bug fixes.
Discoverability & easy access
Improve discoverability through search engines, making it easier for users to find & access your app.
Cross-platform compatibility
Reach users seamlessly across devices, eliminating the need for separate native apps and expanding your audience.
Lightning-fast performance
Deliver exceptional performance with fast loading times & smooth interactions, keeping users engaged & satisfied.
Offline functionality
Allow users to access content and perform actions even without an internet connection.
Discoverability & easy access
Improve discoverability through search engines, making it easier for users to find & access your app.

Let's build digital excellence with PWAs designed to enrich your online presence. Connect with us

We offer flexible
engagement models.

Fixed Price

Time and Material

Monthly Retainer


We build lasting relationships.

At Focalworks, we don’t just develop software. We work closely with you to understand your business needs and goals, and we’re always here to offer our services and support whenever you need it.

And our clients trust us with doing a great job for them.
Dr. Scott Bublitz, PhD.
Dr. Scott Bublitz, PhD.
Exam Design Inc.
I have worked with Focalworks for over 10 years and I can't say enough about this group. A large part of the success of my last two companies can be attributed to Focalworks.

I found their development team to be very knowledgeable, not only in software development but also deployment and infrastructure technologies. Within 5 years of the company's inception, I was able to sell the platform to the world's largest testing company who still uses it to manage the test content for the largest certification programs in the world. During the acquisition process, Focalworks was highlighted as one of the key contributors to the software's success.

After the success I've had with Focalworks, it's doubtful that I'll ever use another software team.
Abhijit Joshi
Abhijit Joshi
Head – Global Solutions Hub
Our association with Focalworks is more than 10 years old now and the relationship has evolved from being a client-agency relationship to a partnership.

Focalworks team brings in all aspects that one would desire in a trusted agency partner – innovation, creative flair, robust project management, huge commitment to meeting agreed timelines and delivery quality.

I am sure they will keep delivering more and more innovative solutions and services to their clients in the coming years. We wish them all the luck.
Bruce Haghighat
Bruce Haghighat
Octane Learning
Our team has been working with Focalworks for over a decade after an exhaustive search looking for an offshore partner.

Focalworks was able to staff our projects with qualified professionals and has provided a steady team since. On many occasions when the project need required additional resources, they were able to shift in additional capabilities to complete the tasks on hand. Their level of expertise, responsiveness and professionalism is unsurpassed.

They are always flexible and go beyond the call of duty. I highly recommend the Focalworks team.
Jonathan Davis
Jonathan Davis
Trualta Care Network
As a non-technical founder, Focalworks has been a great partner.

I consider the Focalworks team to be an extension of our team, and their end-to-end capabilities enable them to handle any design or technology request that arises.

We rely on them to deliver excellent work on tight timelines, and they frequently surpass expectations!
Malinda Sanna
Malinda Sanna
Founder & CEO

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Focalworks for over two years, and it’s no exaggeration to say that their work has propelled our business forward.

Strengths lay in excellent development work, design and a problem-solving mentality that is invaluable for a business that is creating something new.

Whatever you dream, Focalworks will find a way to make it happen!

Sangram Sengupta
Sangram Sengupta
Founding Partner
M&C Saatchi Singapore
M&C Saatchi has been working with Focalworks for close to 7 years now. During this time, they have helped us with several complex website builds, app development and digital/social media campaign materials.

They are always on the ball, highly dedicated bunch of individuals with great talent and problem solving skills. They have consistently added value and come to us with ingenious solutions that have helped us grow our business.

Once they have undertaken a project, we always rest assured that a high quality product will be delivered on time.

It has been a pleasure working with them and I simply cannot recommend them highly enough.
Adam Greene
Adam Greene
Peloton Document Solutions
Focal works has been much more than an offshore development vendor for Peloton. They have been a true partner in every sense of the word, completely exceeding my expectations.

Focalworks fills the standard development and QA roles for us, but they also add value in many unexpected ways such as providing feedback on our Agile processes and recommendations on how to improve them, providing architecture guidance and proactively looking for ways to improve our automated testing coverage. I can’t speak highly enough about the entire team and recommend them to anyone looking for a rock-solid and professional offshore team.

Choosing to work with Focalworks will be one of the best decisions you ever make, especially if you treat them as a partner instead of just as a pool of resources.
Kenneth Tan
Kenneth Tan
Corporate director of technology
Nexus Global
It has been over a decade of working with Focalworks.

I have been very pleased with the talent and resources they have been able to provide to my projects. The leadership at Focalworks is quick to respond; eager to understand the projects and challenges; lend their expertise to the process.

I have engaged Focalworks with projects that include Application Development, Automated Testing, and eLearning. In the words of Henry Ford, “Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success.”

Focalworks is truly a development partner and together we have successfully delivered multiple projects.

Ensure swift, dependable, and captivating user interactions

Revolutionise user experiences with Focalworks’ PWA development. Our focus: seamless navigation, offline accessibility, and rapid loading. Elevate engagement with responsive design. Trust us for high-performance PWA solutions.

Ready to redefine your online presence?
We can help.


Some best practices for designing and developing a PWA include optimising performance and speed, focusing on usability and accessibility, using responsive design, implementing caching and offline functionality, and providing a seamless user experience across different devices and platforms. It is also important to follow web standards and guidelines and to conduct regular testing and maintenance to ensure the app remains up-to-date and secure.

Businesses can benefit from developing a PWA by providing a better user experience for their customers, improving engagement and retention rates, and increasing conversions and sales. PWAs can also help businesses reach a wider audience by being accessible on different devices and platforms and can reduce development costs and maintenance requirements compared to traditional mobile apps.

Some benefits of developing a PWA over a traditional mobile app include lower development costs, easier maintenance, and cross-platform compatibility. PWAs also have a smaller app footprint, do not require installation, and can be accessed through a web browser, making them more accessible.

PWAs are similar to native apps in terms of features and functionality but differ in their development approach and distribution model. PWAs are built using web technologies and accessed through a browser. In contrast, native apps are built for a specific platform using platform-specific languages such as Java or Swift and are downloaded and installed from app stores.

PWAs can help with SEO because they load faster, perform better, and are more accessible to search engine crawlers than traditional mobile apps. Additionally, PWAs can be indexed by search engines and appear in search results like any other website.

Some challenges in developing PWAs include compatibility issues across different browsers and devices, the need for HTTPS security, and the complexity of implementing features such as push notifications and background sync.

Yes, PWAs can work offline, thanks to service workers and caching. This means that users can continue using the app without an internet connection.

Some examples of successful PWAs include Myntra, Twitter Lite, BookMyShow, Paytm, and Starbucks.

To turn an existing website into a PWA, the website must be converted into a responsive design. The necessary web technologies, such as service workers and app manifests, must be implemented. After this, the PWA can be tested and launched on various devices and platforms.

Absolutely! Our progressive web app development company specializes in migrating existing web applications to PWAs. We can seamlessly transition your app, providing enhanced performance and user experience.

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