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B2B Commerce

All the features of our typical commerce solution, plus some that are specific to the needs of a B2B commerce operation, such as

Custom pricing and quoting

B2B companies engage in pricing and term negotiations with their customers, and therefore, require a B2B commerce solution capable of handling custom pricing and quotes.  This could include volume discounts, contract pricing, or other pricing structures.

Multiple payment options

B2B transactions often involve complex payment processes, so a B2B commerce solution should support multiple payment options such as credit terms, purchase orders, ACH payments, and wire transfers.

Catalog and inventory management

B2B companies typically have large product catalogs and inventory, so a B2B commerce solution should provide robust catalog and inventory management capabilities to ensure accurate product information and availability.

Order management and fulfilment

B2B orders often require additional processing and fulfilment steps such as custom assembly, kit building, and shipping to multiple locations. A B2B commerce solution should provide order management and fulfilment tools to manage these complex workflows.

Advanced customer account management

B2B customers often have unique account requirements such as approval workflows, purchase order history, and custom pricing. A B2B commerce solution should provide tools to manage customer accounts and enable self-service.

Custom integration with back-end systems

B2B commerce solutions often needs to integrate with back-end systems such as ERP, CRM, and inventory management systems. A B2B commerce solution should provide robust integration capabilities to ensure seamless data exchange between systems.

Additional Functionalities