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IDEE designs eyeglasses and sunglasses that appeal to the youth. With the motif of chic elegance throughout the collection, IDEE carries a vast array of exclusively designed frames

IDEE faced significant challenges with their outdated non-e-commerce static website, limiting customer exploration and purchases. The static nature hindered timely updates on products and promotions, affecting dynamic engagement and user experience. IDEE aimed for a transformative revamp to address this, evolving into a dynamic e-commerce platform. The goal was an intuitive design, incorporating features like Home Try-On and Find Your Look. Recognising the influence of social media, IDEE planned to integrate with Instagram, aligning with digital trends for a competitive edge in the eyewear market.

Solutions Highlight
  • A completely new e-commerce website using Magento Commerce
  • New customer buying journeys such as “Home Try” to meet modern customer expectations
  • Innovative consumer engagement experiences such as “Find your look” to get the best frame and glass that suits a customer’s face and tastes
  • Live integration with the official brand social media
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