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Mahindra Stars is a Rewards and Recognition (RnR) programme for the Farms Equipment Sector (FES) of Mahindra Tractor Division

Developed a robust web portal that has been hosting the Mahindra Stars programme for the past 5 years, operating at four levels – Dealership, Area Office, Zonal, and National. Over time, the entire program became accessible through a dedicated app.

During the past few years, we successfully registered over 15,000 employees in the contest database. The Mahindra Stars portal now serves as a central employee database, facilitating the direct disbursement of performance-related incentives to employees’ bank accounts for Mahindra FES.

Solution Highlights
  • Oversaw the participation of over 15,000 employees through the application
  • Implemented tests and quizzes for different employee categories with a grading system utilised by assigned managers
  • Established a point system for performance evaluation and result declaration
  • Introduced a KYC update system along with bank details to streamline prize money distribution
  • Developed a mobile application, making the program accessible via mobile phones, eliminating the dependency on PCs or laptops
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