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Femmora, a fashion brand that offers a diverse range of women's clothing, wanted to boost conversion on its e-commerce portal through a captivating and user-friendly experience

The company faced the operational challenges of managing three separate storefronts, each catering to a different brand. The existing infrastructure comprised a mix of platforms and this diverse setup posed difficulties in terms of uniform management, efficiency, and overall performance.

To address these challenges, we executed a comprehensive migration strategy, transitioning the Femmora website to a high-performance Magento solution. The decision to consolidate the disparate platforms into a unified Magento environment aimed to streamline operations, enhance efficiency, and provide a more cohesive online presence for all brands.

Solutions Highlight
  • Built on the open-source commerce platform of Magento
  • Deep integration of the product catalogue with Google Shopping Feed for better market reach and higher search result visibility
  • Auto conversion of guest customers to registered users for a simplified checkout experience
  • Integrations with multiple services like Google Maps, Delhivery, Twilio, WhatsApp, Razorpay, etc.
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