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Heritage Fabrics, a renowned company in the fabric industry, has been a stalwart in B2B sales, catering exclusively to trade professionals


This entailed designing a new website tailored to the modern needs of their trade customers and integrating their legacy AS400 system with contemporary digital solutions such as a customer portal, online inventory management, and QuickBooks.

Key Considerations
  • Seamless integration of the AS400 system with new digital platforms
  • Crafting a user-friendly website design that appeals to professional clients in the Fabric trade sector
  • Enhancing inventory management and order processing capabilities to cater to a diverse range of B2B clients


Our Solution

Developed on the robust Magento platform, our solution was a blend of sophistication and simplicity:

  • Revamped website design: The new website, designed with a B2B focus, provided a seamless user experience for trade professionals. It was equipped with features tailored to their unique needs and browsing behaviours.
  • AS400 system integration: We successfully integrated the AS400 system with Magento, ensuring cohesive functionality across all digital touchpoints.
  • Magento-based B2B functionalities:
    1. Enhanced product/catalogue management: Leveraging Magento’s capabilities, we improved the catalogue management system, allowing for efficient navigation and product searches.
    2. Inventory synchronisation: A synchronisation system was established to keep the inventory data updated in real-time between Magento and AS400.
    3. Order management: Utilising Magento’s OMS, we streamlined order processing and management, enhancing the overall efficiency of sales operations.
    4. Procurement management: This feature streamlines procurement by automating purchase processes, including order creation, approvals, budget tracking, and supplier management. It efficiently integrates with inventory and order systems, enhancing operational efficacy for B2B clients.


  • Streamlined customer journey: Trade customers experienced an improved and intuitive purchasing process
  • Improved lead management: Our solutions facilitated more efficient lead capturing and conversion for B2B clients
  • Enhanced sales interface: The sales team now enjoys an optimised interface, making it easier to manage relationships and transactions
  • Third-party service integration: Integration with services like vendor credit profile management and digital catalogue creation was implemented
  • B2B-specific features: Tailored solutions such as tier pricing and quote negotiation mechanisms were integrated to cater to the unique needs of B2B transactions


Key Features

Company accounts

  • Central to the B2B platform, enabling consolidation of multiple buyers under one corporate account
  • Customisable operations, including payment methods, pricing levels, and price negotiation capabilities

Account creation and management

  • Company accounts can be initiated by clients (as Company Admins) or by the Store Admin
  • Store Admin has the authority to approve or reject company account requests, based on needful business verification

User roles and permissions

  • Company Admins can create and manage company users, assign roles, and set permissions

Manage company credit

  • Companies can purchase on account up to a specified credit limit
  • Company Users can view their company credit status on their account dashboard

Shared catalogues

  • Enables custom pricing per product for different client companies
  • Includes a Default public shared catalogue and custom catalogues for specific company accounts

Negotiated quotes

  • Facilitates price negotiation between Client Company Admin/Users and the Store Admin
  • Maintains a history of communications and negotiations

Quick order

  • Streamlines the ordering process for known products or SKUs
  • Supports manual entry or import of multiple SKUs for quick processing

Advanced inventory management

  • Configurations for single or multiple source inventory origins
  • Stocks management for tracking available quantities
  • Features such as concurrent checkout protection and shipment matching algorithms
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