Heritage Fabrics is a decorative fabric supplier for manufacturers, jobbers, hospitality/contract and retailers, headquartered in Concord, North Carolina.

This entailed designing a new website tailored to the modern needs of their trade customers and integrating their legacy AS400 system with contemporary digital solutions such as a customer portal, online inventory management, and QuickBooks.

Our Solution

Developed on the robust Magento platform, our solution was a blend of sophistication and simplicity:

  • Revamped website design: The new website, designed with a B2B focus, provided a seamless user experience for trade professionals. It was equipped with features tailored to their unique needs and browsing behaviours.
  • AS400 system integration: We successfully integrated the AS400 system with Magento, ensuring cohesive functionality across all digital touchpoints.
  • Magento-based B2B functionalities:
    1. Enhanced product/catalogue management: Leveraging Magento’s capabilities, we improved the catalogue management system, allowing for efficient navigation and product searches.
    2. Inventory synchronisation: A synchronisation system was established to keep the inventory data updated in real-time between Magento and AS400.
    3. Order management: Utilising Magento’s OMS, we streamlined order processing and management, enhancing the overall efficiency of sales operations.
    4. Procurement management: This feature streamlines procurement by automating purchase processes, including order creation, approvals, budget tracking, and supplier management. It efficiently integrates with inventory and order systems, enhancing operational efficacy for B2B clients.



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Heritage Fabrics