Trualta is an organisation dedicated to providing personalised training and support for family caregivers, specialising in elder care and aging-related challenges.

The founder was looking for a technology partner to create a learning platform that addresses the needs of caregiving communities.

One of the challenges we overcame while designing the platform was to create a user-experience that was appropriate for the target audience – people in their 40s to all the way in their 80s.

Since a successful rollout of the initial MVP, we have continued to play the role of a comprehensive technology partner, helping with product ideation, technology consulting, development and post-deployment support.

Under the hood

  • PHP, Vue JS
  • MySQL
  • Elastic Search
  • Product ideation to help identify the challenges faced by caregivers across various audience segments, and define a tangible product feature roadmap to an MVP
  • Architect and implement a lean, agile build-up to a rapid MVP
  • Engineered to support custom implementations and deployments for large enterprise clients
  • Continuing product development and support, to scale to a serious and innovative platform in this space



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